What Is A Nano-Economy

Nano-Economy, noun

A term used by entrepreneur Pete Sisco to mean; ‘a personal economy, largely under the control of the individual who owns it, equal to one-billionth of the global economy.’

According to Wikipedia, the current Gross World Product is equal to approximately US$78-trillion/year.

The metric prefix, nano, represents a value of 10-9 or one-billionth of a unit.

Therefore; a Nano-economy = One billionth of the annual Global Economy = $78-trillion/yr ÷ 1 billion = $78,000/yr

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The term, nano-economy, should not be confused with the term, nanoeconomics.

Wikipedia defines nanoeconomics as: “The economic theory of single transactions. The term was proposed by Kenneth J. Arrow in 1987. The term has also been used to describe a level of analysis below traditional microeconomics, and to describe the economics of nanotechnology.”